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Not Rated
481. akin263
Age - 20 - Single
so that chill
Not Rated
482. bp701
Age - 18 - Single
fun sexy
Not Rated
Age - 21 - Single
fun easy going and etc
1 / 10
Age - 24 - Single
good looking, smart, realistic, ambitious, open minded, attracted by arts in general, curious,...
1 / 10
Age - 27 - Divorced
someone as crazy as me
Not Rated
486. vamp7
Age - 23 - Casually Dating
honest, intelligent, independent, chill, clean, sexy when she dresses up, and the same when she dresses down
9 / 10
487. GMR20
Age - 18 - Undisclosed
fun, experimental
1 / 4.5
Age - 40 - Looking for casual fling
no std's and willing to try new things in bed
2 / 10
489. ELGUAP0
Age - 26 - Casually Dating
Someone who will mix my protein shakes for me before and after my work outs. Someone who will oil me up before competitions. Someone who will love me for me.
1 / 2
490. jorgie4
Age - 30 - Undisclosed
any open to meet!?
Not Rated
Age - 33 - Single
sexiness, honesty, loyal, truthful
3 / 10
Age - 18 - Single
good looks and a great attitude
Not Rated
Age - 18 - Looking for casual fling
Open, straight out
3 / 9.333
494. whtsx21
Age - 19 - Single
cute, hot girls
11 / 7.272
Age - 19 - Single
intelligence (ambition!), happiness, a beautiful smile,
2 / 5.5
Age - 18 - Single
smart, out going and down to earth.
Not Rated
Age - 24 - In a Serious Relationship
Have it.
Not Rated
498. Ace091
Age - 20 - Undisclosed
Sex appeal, intelligence, sassiness, and ENDURANCE!!!!!
3 / 10
Age - 21 - Single
fun, athletic, likes to go out, can be chill
61 / 9.245
Age - 27 - Single
I am looking for a partner in life. I want a best friend and a lover to share quiet moments .. am a very enthusiastic, outgoing, independent person.I am a very shy and find it difficult to communicate with the opposite sex but once you get to know me you will see that I am unique in many ways. In short, I am a person who strives to place other's needs before my own and people/relationships are very important to me. I believe that true loves means caring about the needs of others and wanting what's best for them.I am a loving person who does not like playing games. I am very open and honest, so if you dont like hearing the truth, I suggest you skip over me. I I am comical yet serious and believe in learning from life'

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